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Thursday, August 17, 2006

MyFM 8th Birthday Party, Genting

Last Sunday went up to Genting for MyFM 8th Birthday Party. They were many peeps and many artists around also. 8 DJs from MyFM, local artists - Daniel Lee, Nicholas Chang, Yu Heng, this year ATQ winners, William San, Chooi Ling. Overseas artists from Taiwan - Jolin Chai, Sam Lee Shen Jie, Wilber Pan Wei Bo and his group. It was my first time concert and so close to artists. I was happy and enjoyed the show especially the magic shows by all DJs and nice songs sang by all the artists *grin* Here some photos...don't look at me (look so tired!)...just look at the artists will do. ;) :p
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Daniel & me ;)

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Yu Heng & me. She is pretty and cute.

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MyFM DJ Lum Tak Weng & me


kt said...

eeew... i dun like daniel. i think he can't sing at all, only reason he won d idol competition was young gals who think he's cute voting a gazillion times 4 him.

i hope he's not ur idol ;-)

TiaN said...

Ooo.. you actually went to the party!! I heard from the radio that it was very successful one, especially the magic show!

Shirlyn said...

kt, daniel is not my idol la. he is still ok with his singing :)

tian, yeah it was a successful concert for them n i like to c their magic show. however got a little bit of mistake :p