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Friday, August 04, 2006

What Do I Want??

I believe this question u will always ask yourself. You will be thinking what you are doing is what you want? Are you in the right position doing it? Recently happened something or got comments from others make me think of this question. I'm not sure what I'm doing is what I want and am I capable? Start questioning myself....but I can't get an answer. I will say that I will not give up so easily...however I need a break. It's time for me to move on to do something I should do and comfortable with. I should have do something that make me feel more happier and stressless. Isn't this everybody looking for?

Another day is a new day and a new vision for you to see...to think...to do. I will have my new thinking...do the right thing... You gotta be tough...be strong...be optimistic. Sometimes think positively will make things changed. You will see something different. Like you have a bad day today it doesnt matter...you will see a better day following. Like I had a bad day last night...no matter how upset how deep down I am...but today is beginning a new day and I feel better if you see something differently. I believe today is something good to me...I've lost and found (which I misplaced my cheque book few days ago and can't find it at all till this morning found where it is). Got to hear my favourite song on radio is something you feel good.... What I wish now is to have a good night sleep which I missed it last night. And I should glad that I still found back my new Nike shoe which I nearly lost it last night.... There are always bad and good...is the matter how you look at it.

OK....is time to think and plan what I want and what I should do....already have some in mind. I will take it slow of what I'm doing....For those who see me always I might not be around much. For those that long time no see I might have time to meet you. Do call me and meet up if you see this message....

P/S: I do miss my old friends very much...miss old days.


kt said...

sounds like 1 of those quarter-life crossroad crisis eh?
anyway, as long as u embrace wat u hav now, b happy & appreciate d life u hav... u already hav everything u want in life!! :-)

Shirlyn said...

yeah...life is like ups n downs mar...sure will have crisis and something u've to make decision.

i'm appreciate what I have now. Just need to think about how to do better... :)

YOU! said...

Don't forget your friends around you! Sometimes, you don't have to settle everything on your own... take care ya!

Shirlyn said...

Oh dear...thanks a lot!! i know u all around when I need support. however sometimes there are things tat only u can settle :) don worry too much...i'll be fine :)

be tough n strong!!