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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Rest From Gym

My ankle sprained about few weeks ago (yes....I've hurt my legs again). It was not that serious and I thought take it easy will be better. However I'm back to workout more often after a week rest and after quarterly cum continuously workout past few days make it worst. Esp last nite during Jam really can feel the pain! However I still continue...I can stand pain la...ok ok don't scold me...don't banned me from workout k. I'll be good and stay away from workout next few days lor....sob sob...Got a friend suggested to go for urut so can cure it 100% in long term. Thinking to try it out but not sure where?? And I scare of the pain during urut time wor (yalah, although I can stand pain)...my worry is after urut lagi cannot walk how? *hmmm*

Here some more photos last Saturday from Sharon....don't need to intro them again as you've already knew them from my previous post ;)
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Simone said...

Dear, better rest la. Must take care, once sprained will easily hurt again. My left ankle sprained 3 times!
I know of a 'tukang urut' at Section 17 PJ...let me know if it's convenient for you to go there.

Shirlyn said...

uh huh...legs always easily hurt. i've got a friend recommended urut near by my house. will try tat first. i'll rest these few days or take it easy if go to gym :p