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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Nike Rockstar Bollywood

Nike Rockstar Bollywood launch @ FF SPK. Leo and Juwita dressed up so nice. I do not join the class as I'm tired. I just help to take some photos during the class.

FF lately will have few more theme classes. Next Saturday @ Axis 1pm will have Retro theme class. It's open to anyone. If you are interested you can go and dress up!

Another one is Merdeka Theme Class! Check this out here. Stand a chance to win an iPod Nano!!

It was a fun class last nite. Although I didn't workout but see members laughing all the way... Myself laugh as well.... =)


kt said...

hi! glad 2 c u back in action on d blog!

anyway, i haven't had d chance to attend the rockstar bollywood class. next wed also i can't go for my refular axis class coz will b in singapore/indonesia next week. :-(

at least get to c d pics on ur blog! :-)

Shirlyn said...

kt...no worries...still got few more weeks to go mar. u still can catch it when u come back. ;)

i'll try to update abt it if possible...but myself also havent try it yet :p

TiaN said...

Yeah, I have come across of this Nike Rockstar Bollywood launch. It is really something new but haven't had a chance to try it as the class is scheduled so late ler....

Shirlyn said...

tian, there are many bollywood classes in different clubs...some not late. u can try it.

1. Menara Maxis: Wednesday, 7.40pm with Juwita
2. D'sara Uptown: Wednesday, 8.30pm with Azie
3. IOI Mall: Sunday, 3.45pm with Leonora
4. Wisma SPK: Tuesday, 7.40pm with You Kok Hoe
5. Menara Summit: Monday, 7.40pm with Riyo
6. Manara Axis: Wednesday, 6.20pm with Azie and Friday, 8.30pm with Jimmy
7. The Curve: Tuesday, 7.25pm with Melissa and Saturday, 2.45pm with Riyo
8. Leisure Mall: Friday, 8.45pm with Leonora and Sunday, 1.40pm with Juwita
9. Menara Consplant: Sunday, 12pm with Leonora and Thursday, 7.40pm with Juwita
10. Menara Manulife: Saturday, 4.00pm with Melissa