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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Busy & Tired

It's been a week I did not update my blog. There are many things happened within the week. First talk about gym, as usual go almost everyday but didn't practice much. We need some rest. But this week onwards gotta start the preparation cos now total 6 tribes in the final which more competitive compare to expected.

Stopped selling at flea market. Previous 2 weeks were testing on the market in Hartamas new flea market. But it is not really good response. Anyway still earning. Thanks to my friends who support me that they bought some from me and help me promote. I brought my products to the gym and sold quite a number. Within a week my sales total more than the 2 days profit that I sell at flea market. Anyway I'm looking for another flea market place to sell. Now looking for the contacts. Anyone of you got please forward to me yeah. Thank you.

Within the week I met up 2 friends separately who both of them I know for quite some time but never meet before. Even got just once we met. I know them from messenger by randomly or accidentally. When we meet we can talk a lot and like old friends. I don't have the feeling we are stranger to each other. They are nice and friendly.

Crazy for karaoke lately. I went on last Friday sing from 12:30-3:30 and then next morning went for K lunch at 11am-1pm. It is like continuously I sing after so long break. hahaha. This weekend might go K lunch again :p. Happy that I can see Fanny and Julie. Miss both of them. They are still the same and we still can sing together hahaha. Looking forward for next singing session additional the guys we used to go in group.

My mood up and down a lot lately. I need to figure out how to settle my feeling on the things I'm dealing with.


Alex said...

i was at the Curve last sunday. there's a flea market there. it was bustling wif ppl!!
dun ask me for contacts, was there 2 pak tor only....hehe.

Shirlyn said...

Curve contact I got. same organize as the Hartamas one. I'm thiking to get mont kiara contact.