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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Do you believe FATE?

I personally believe it and experienced it lately. We stopped seeing each other few months ago. From there on we do not meet each other at all even stay in the same block. And slowly make me forgetting him. But weird is after a long period bump into him first time alone in lift. Then from there on the frequency bumping each other getting more often. The more I bump into him I'll miss him more. Makes me remind this person.

One thing to say is the special feeling. You will feel that this person is around and you will know you will bump into him and it is happened. You will feel that this person close and closer to you. Whether this is call fate? Is there a hint to us? And later found out both have same thought after bumped into each other so many times.

Sometimes there are things happen unexpectedly. When you wish to meet someone at some where but you can't. However, when you don't expect will see someone then you will see. Is it FATE? Is this happened to you before?

Fate may bring you good thing to you. Accept it and be brave to face it. It is telling you what to do next.


TiaN said...

Guess this is so called 'yuan fen' lor... kekeke. Good luck leng lui! =)

Shirlyn said...

yeah...that's the thing i wan to tell...u will believe when u really feel it

Clement said...

i think u guys staying in the same block, chances to bump into each other is higher. like U say, fate is by feeling.

If u love something... let it go. If it comes back to you its yours... If it doesn't then it never was.

Some quote 4u:
A kiss is just a kiss until U find the one U love.
A hug is just a hug until its from the one ur thinking of.
A dream is just a dream until U make it come true.
LOVE is just a word until its proven 2 U.


Shirlyn said...

wow great quote! thanks

Judy Chow said...

be patient and treasure it....sometime is hard to meet FATE..good luck