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Monday, September 26, 2005

Long & memorable night

Rest at home in the evening and went online chit chatting. Not hungry to have dinner but went out have bites with a colleague. eat and chit chat quite long time. When home just lie on the bed and take a nap but not really go into sleep. It is like a lonely and tired night to me. Too tired to do anything but also feel bored not doing anything. Nap on and off till a message from someone unexpected. Unexpected is he ask me out for yam char. I've waited this moment to have a good time hanging out with him. We just go back to the place where we used to go and had supper. From that moment I know something that I don't realise ever since.... He did something sweet to me which he used to do so but not under my expectation for this time. Enjoyed the night and had some special feeling...


TiaN said...

Good good good....special feeling is a good sign. hehe.

Shirlyn said...

yes it is a sign...which u cant resist