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Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Tonight is the Nike Tribe Challenge. A bit nervous cos my group going to challenge with another group. And heard that this opponent quite strong. I wish we can win and enter to final. We worked so hard and practice every night for weeks. We really put a lot efforts into it.

Anyway tonight I'll just try my best and will have fun. Result doesn't a matter. I'm happy and enjoy the process of practising and time spending with gym friends. Glad that I know them and they are really supportive. Practice with us every night and tell us our mistakes etc. So thankful to all of them.

One thing I'm worry now is my leg so painful. It is pain on my right foot and it is swollen. When leave it I feel the pain and when I walk it is more painful. Now getting worst that I can feel the pain till my ankle. I hope tonight I can do it before I fall... bless me....


Anonymous said...

Good Luck!

Passion Passimon said...

Please see doctor after tonight challenge! You have to take care your legs since you love exercise so much!

Shirlyn said...

seen doctor yesterday afternoon already. Too pain cannot stand anymore. I took medicine b4 the challenge and it helps! Miracle...I don't feel pain when I'm on challenge. hehehe