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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Frustrated? Worry? Nervous?

Have you ever faced a problem no matter at work or personal that you can't solve it? No matter how hard you try and try to solve it for months? Without any helps? What will you do next? How to face such situation? It is a feeling that you like bang yourself to a wall and no exit for you and getting breathless... Need help! Can anyone? I got this problem at work. This cause me have a feeling hope never ever work anymore..wanna quit wanna give up...how hard I try to force myself but still can't concentrate on work. *breathless + dying now*


Next Saturday is the Nike Tribe Challenge final. I'm worrying now...cos my group still haven't practice well with new formation. Not one went holiday, or another one have to work, or another one got class to teach, or no studio and time for us... it is getting hard to have complete group to practice and for all remember all the steps and formations. still got a week only but yet still not complete remembering steps...how??? Sometimes while practising I'll frustrated cos the steps/formations/patterns keep changing. Then we wasted time just to discuss...talk talk talk but not remember! It is a group work, if only me can do without others also no use. Besides the formation practice, also worry about the costume suppose to wear?? May be we keep the color we wore at first round but have to think of to add on something and make it special... any idea from u?? No time to shop for it also...only left this weekend!!!

When I have no time to complete something I'll get panic. I always want to be perfect and everything done nicely, efficiency and performed.... But always a lot disappointment around.


For next Saturday 8th Oct final it is at Axis FF from 6pm-10pm. FF is giving out about 300 tickets. So member have to collect the ticket one for each on this Saturday 1st Oct after 5pm either at Axis, Summit or SPK counters. Limited...so first come first server. who wants to go pls collect asap.


su lin said...

harlow gal...mean well and dont intend to be a spy, but when i saw you guys performing the other day, u had such a serious face on macam nak makan orang):P and i could sense the tension in the air..understand the pressue all of us are in, but its all these challenges which makes us stronger :)...its the journey of getting to the final destination and not the destination which counts :) all the best to all of us ...happy jamming :)

Shirlyn said...

thanks for ur advice my dear... will try to be relax a bit. we just try our best and enjoy on that night lar. I don mean to get any result on tat nite but wish to perform well. that's it. yeah important is we happy jamming! :D