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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Sunday Flea Market

My biz at flea market last Sunday so so only. Due to this flea market newly launch and it is just first Sunday at Hartamas Shopping Center. Some more this shopping mall not many shops and less ppl shopping there. So the crowd there very less but lucky we still manage to sell some and cover cost and earn a bit. May be better than other stalls :p Here the pics of my stall.

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We are the first one were there cos the coordinator ask us be there at 10am. Who knows that time they only setup the tables and umbrella for us. Then waited for quite long time only we go pick up number to see which stall me suppose to be. We got a stall quite in the middle near the main entrance to the shopping mall. In the morning the sun still ok and not our stall still got shade. But later afternoon getting hot and shiny. Although got umbrella but no shade at all and I'm sitting there under sun burn leh...my right arm got tan in the end of the day. Gosh the stall outdoor and was hot and big big sun leh. There was one period of time cloudy and seem like raining but lucky no rain.

This coming Sunday gotta jaga the stall again. Am thinking my stall too empty la. May be is first time for us to dispaly and donno how. Any suggestion?