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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

We Did It!!!!

Yessss!!!!! We finally did it and successful to enter final! Our group name is "White Ringo" means white apple and we dresses up white and green. Last night total got 2 tribes compete to each other and both tribe got same marks and both entered to Final helding at Axis FF on 8th October 2005. That time will be about 200 audience. They are going to build a bigger stage. Can forsee it is very happening.

Last night was so happening also. All the members so hyperactive and supportive. Especially the group support our tribe. They wear similar to our dress and stand in the middle of the class and shout as loud as possible until some lost their voice. I'm so love them and they really gave courage and excitement during our performance. We really had fun!!

Here some pics taken last nite. Our posed before we start the track. Nice right? hehehe... Too bad is no one take video while we are performing...sob sob..
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For more pics Nike Tribe Pics

Had a little so call celebration dinner at PJ State Strawberry Field restaurant.
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