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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Joke of the day

This morning I came early to office to have breakfast with my colleagues. Me and my colleague reached same time and we took lift together. There is a guy who is taking same lift also. Our floor is 10th floor and this guy is 9th floor. Before the lift reaching 9th floor me and my colleague just chat and I was standing beside this guy. When reached 9th floor the lift door opened but I noticed no one step out from the lift. I know this guy gotta go out so I look at him. Who knows he is looking at me without flipping his eyes and when he noticed we all looked at him and he suppose to go out. He quickly apologize and step out the lift with pai seh look. hahahaha me n my colleague laughed and my colleague joke at me saying I'm too beautiful to attract that guy until he forgot to go to office... That's funny and really a joke of the day when I imagine the look of tat guy...hehehe