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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

A day before challenge

On Monday 5 Sept I do not go to work due to I slept only 3 hours plus on Saturday night and take care the stall for almost a day at the flea market. I was so tired until like zombie. Then the tribe members wanna practice on Monday around 4pm so I decided to take a day off to catch more sleep and go early to Axis FF to practice. Before go to gym I went to get a washing machine which I wanted for long cos the old one cannot use anymore and lately I need to wash a lot clothes especially my sweaty gym clothes. Some more I have to wash working clothes due to been 2 months no back to seremban which I usually will bring back my clothes and wash it. I bought a LG washing machine from Seng Heng which having promotion. hahaha I'm so lucky I got double free gift (iron) from them. I got it when at Seng Heng store and later the guy send washing machine from warehouse also give me another one.

It is one of gym friend - Anita's Birthday so we celebrate with her at Axis FF. All of them so nice to her and bought 2 cakes to her.
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