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Friday, June 23, 2006

Crazy on SOL

I've missed the Nike Rockstar SOL classes since it started 2 weeks ago due to my travel. ok fine, tell myself will catch up started this week. They total got 5 SOL classes in 4 days a week at 5 different clubs. This week...I've been to 4 except the one at Curve on Tues (planned to but due to last minute work commitment...duhhh). It is not as hard as Hip Hop. I love it very much!

Monday - Consplant Kok Hoe's class. First time I've ever know about SOL. Learnt from Block 1 till 9 in 1 class! fuiyooooo....the class so the hot!hot!hot! It was fun to learn everything at one shot n have so many times repetitions from very top...thanks to Kok Hoe! We are so SS and have own style enjoying the class.
Wednesday - Axis Azie's class. She is so technical and good for me to learn the moves better! Great thing is and mambo, cha cha, shimmy with mama Juwita! miss her so much! at last she is back in action!
Thursday (crazy day) - Manulife Juwita's class & Maxis Leo's class! Juwita's class superb cool. with Osman, Michael, Kenny, Colin, Anthony and Kok Hoe as well! wa wa wa all SOL kaki together make the class more fun & hot. Ju very good in technically n style. After Ju's class both of us (me n Juwita) grabbed others (Kenny, Colin, Anthony & Kok Hoe) crazy with us together for back to back SOL in Maxis. kekekeke. we car pooled to Maxis gave a surprise to Leo. It's funny "Why we are here at Maxis?"...we all already half dead from first class and gotta continue for another torture class...oooppsss did i say torture? no la...it was fun class as well. Managed to recap from top block 1 to 9 for 3 times. At the end everyone like hurray!! it's finished. hahaha. mestilah...everyone kaki patah n exhausted for 2 sol classes wor.

great to have a gang crazy for SOL classes. I believe coming saturday at Axis will be another happening class. if u r SOL kaki let's go rock the house there! And GOOD NEWS, I can go Axis this Saturday...no need work in SG. hohohoho

Check out more about SOL here la...the moves are cool.