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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Renew Passport Short Tips

Due to got someone asked me about details on renew passport with kiosk and recently I've just did it. So here would like to share it for your reference.

To renew passport at kiosk located at Pusat Bandar Damansara. Operation hour 8:30am - 3:45pm (Mon - Fri). Not open on Sat & Sun & Public Holiday.

What you need to have:
1. Chip based Passport
2. MyKad
3. 1 Passport size photo
4. Cash RM300 (32 pages) or RM600 (64 pages)

That's all you need to have!

Procedures: (advice to do it early in the morning)
1. Queue up at the front door at 8:30am (usually they will late a bit to open and not many waiting there. starts queueing only around 8:30am so u no need to be there very early).
2. One by one go to an officer desk pass your passport n myKad n your right thumb for scanning. Then they will direct you to get an envelope.
3. Fill in what is necessary on the front of envelope (name, tel no, IC) and put in your passport photo inside (NO need seal the envelope).
4. Total got 4 kiosk, go to either one available. Follow the instructions - roughly process i can remember is insert ur passport, myKad, thumb print not sure and lastly ask u insert cash.
5. Get the receipt which will tell you when can collect and where to collect. Usually next day after 8am you can collect already.
*Got an officer standing around kiosk to guide you if you are not sure.
*Total processing time around 5-10 minutes.

1. Go to 2nd floor counter 16 (stated in your receipt).
2. Pass your passport and myKad they will assign you a number.
3. Wait not more than 30 mins (subjective to how many queues).
4. When your turn just sign your name and that's it!!

Good Luck!