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Friday, October 13, 2006

2 Jam

Yesterday I had a shadow for BJam at Curve. It was fun class and happening members with the hiao instructor :p Enjoyed myself shadowing the instructor. He is nice and ask me team teach(TT) with him next week! Yes I will do it. I need more TT in order to overcome my problems and improve the skills. Else I donno how to improve. After shadow I do another BJam class and this time TT at hartamas and I did 2nd block (without mic!). It was a challenge class whereby all members are new to BJam (as it was just replacement class). However I feel comfortable to them...not as stress as facing regular members. I was doing fine at the beginning stage...however once I've lost count then all kelam kabut already. Usually I'm confident with the chory but donno what's wrong with last nite. After lost count I've forgotten what I should do and calm myself. sigh... After class got comments from the instructor...a lot...but all constructive and those really my weaknesses. I need to improve them one by one. Hopefully next TT will be better.

The comments given are:
1. Chory not on the dot. Unable to know where should I start the move.
2. Pre-que on the spot. Need to bring it forward.
3. My words too long. Only need precise and short word.
4. Not much feeling que.
5. Que words too harsh...need more gentle.
6. No transition. Flat class. No build up to excitement.
7. I'm too serious look. Need more smile. Enjoy the class.

P/S: I was 'pancit' after 2 classes. In fact a night before slept less than 4 hours and I'm very gang ho to do 2 classes and then go for drinks and sleep @ 3am :p ~~ Consequences--> very tired and sleepy! Tonight will try to rest if possible...however still go workout hehe.


Tweets said...

Don't worry, it happens.
When out of choreo, try to jup sang and hide the changes, hehe. That's what we do.

jazz2dmax said...

hmmm....a video image of tweets comes to my mind.... deja vu.... hahahah!!

Shirlyn said...

i donno how to jap sang one...once lost i'll look lost hehe