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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Past Weekend

Saturday (30/9)
Initial plan was go to beauty workshop...however too tired and need more sleep so slept until almost 11am. Sacrified the voucher and thought plan to go to IOI register myself at 12noon. In fact morning can't sleep much as a lot of msgs to reply...sigh...at 11ish Tina said the queue in IOI very long...oh no...so I changed my plan just stop by there to register first and then only go home pack my gym clothes :p lucky its near my house. By the time I reached there no more queue leh...aiks...if I know don't need go there first la. After registered then had lunch with my close friend...he plans to join BPump, my plan is to join BStep, BCombat and BJam. Rushed home changed and rushed back to join BStep...nearly can't make it hehe. Thanks to my friend reserve a board for me :p BStep was good...full house neh...It was a gap of time between BStep and BCombat...so me, Kelvin, Tina & Esquire were shopping together try to get clothes for BJam later...its yellow theme. Joined BCombat but skipped last 2 tracks...wanna keep my energy for BJam later mar. Both combat n jam were great with superb instructors. Members too hyper and as usual both packed with members. hot hot hot!

What a tired day. The day ends with our makan session at Wong Kok Restaurant. As usual always had a good time makan n chit chatting with the gang...home around 11ish but yet still sleep at around 2am :p

Sunday (1 Oct)
Plan workout only in the afternoon...yeah...its time to catch more sleep...woke up 11ish. wash clothes, preparing the dress later at nite for wedding dinner, prepare myself to IOI for combat. How come I'm always slow and nearly late for the class...hohoho...can't manage to do some bank stuff before the class...duh...wat to do...do it after class lor. I was very hungry b4 class but no time...so just join the class first then only makan. We went to Little Taiwan restaurant opposite Taylor's college for lunch cum dinner? haha later I still got wedding dinner also leh...don't care lar...I was very hungry. First time try the food there and not bad...still got other food in the menu I wish to try *wai sik face* kekeke....

As you know at night got wedding dinner...It was my ex colleague, Mavis wedding dinner. Actually I was home early after lunch...sent car to wash...then get ready but I still late out from my house. The dinner suppose starts at 7pm but I left my house only at 7:30pm *oooppss* wonderful is I'm not sure the restaurant is! Just try my luck to look at the map on invitation card to search around...However I was lost! really not familiar with Ampang place. So in the end gotta call the bride to get me correct direction. I was totally late and I'm the last one arrive among my ex colleagues from MYOB :p...hahaha but I like it...like so glamour to walk to the table and everyone looking at me kekeke. pai seh pai seh :D lucky the dinner not started yet. All of us taken up 2 tables and 2 of the bosses gotta sit on another table :p When I arrived my ex boss came to greet me. sorry at din notice him at all *grin*. He did mentioned that old working space still available, and if I'm interested to go back can look for him :D. As usual chit chatting and take some pics...asking everyone how are you bla bla bla...then start eating...then take pics again. Dinner end quite late...around 10ish. It was not so bad dinner la...at least a gathering for me with all PD department ppl and with some already left MYOB as well.

Here some pics taken (I didn't bring my camera...) still waiting some to send over.
Mavis Wedding
Mavis Wedding 2nd pic


Tweets said...

Yeah, lets go Taiwan again. Still have a lot of food we haven't tried yet.

Shirlyn said...

ok ok let's go taiwan! kakaka