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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Long Holiday Plan

Have a roughly plan for coming raya long holiday. Am not going anywhere except one place I plan to go on purpose. You will know later follow the plan for the days....

yeah gotta work of course. But is the day I'm looking forward to. At work...what should I need to do is Software Design Specifications (which outstanding accordidng to my schedule!) sei mou....still have no idea how to write up. And this week suppose to start create new tables and edit exiting tables cater for the functionalities for the project. I would have facing a big trouble soon where by my project plan I forgot include the holidays we have here! lagi sei mou! have to squeeze the time to accomplish the project that I hope to! wish me luck nia...

yeh yeh...at night is the night waiting for...going to Laundry again kekekeke. Will be a happening night. Going with girl friends only 4 of us. But anyone of you feel free can join. Think will be there earlier to get bar seats as usual. Plan to have crazy and wild night lor...in fact I've apply leave on Friday hohoho. Hope my boss approves....*pray hard* If on leave on Friday I can party later on Thursday kakaka. Meanwhile I need more rest.

If on leave la...then will sleep as much as I can first. Then plan to script for BJam. Got team teach at night at SPK 8:45pm. Then another team teach at Taipan 12:30pm on Saturday. Need to scrip and practice practice practice! I hope I got improvement this time. Still no plan yet at night....but think will just rest.

TT at Taipan lor....then plan to go for a massage...yay I love massage hehehe. Basically no plan yet leh. At night may be go Laundry again hiak hiak hiak.

The rest of the days depends on gym schedule and most probably will stay at home. I need to! need to do lots of more crystals accessories. one is for my friend stall to sell and the other is need to design a customise bridal sets which I've seen a friend of my ex-colleague on last Saturday. Quite a total different request and I'll try my best to make it what the requirements are. Because of this...plan to go Singapore to get materials and others for more varieties to make more different accessories. May be go on Monday or Sunday for 1 or 2 days trip. Still not confirm yet but I do really wish to go there.

Other reasons I need to stay at home, do research on crystals accessories...design...do it. Format my house desktop and setup the network if possible. Need to pain my room and clean up thoroughly! I hope I can finish all the tasks I need to do but I doubt that! Too tired and limited time!! ish ish ish.

Still havent count on other ad hoc plans might happen...kekeke who knows leh....will see :p


Tweets said...

Me wanna go SG too...holiday holiday...spend money...sob sob.

Shirlyn said...

ya spend money there! i might going on monday....:D