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Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I'm KO by the bad haze and most probably exhausted past few days. Been sleeping late around 3am and wake up 7ish in the morning :p But I had fun hanging out with friends! Little sacrifice not a matter hehe. Last Friday had a small gathering for lantern fest at Larry's place...had a small pot luck then we played mahjong till 2ish. I got the luck and won all their money! hiak. All the while I lost to them one neh...hohoho. Next day become ji mui so gotta get up 7am. aikss... so the sleepy...after the event straight go home sleep from 11ish am till 2pm. Was a little bit over slept. Got Wave class at 3pm @ hartamas. lucky be there on time. After TF went for massage... ouch! that's painful shiatsu massage...bruises all over my body now :p. I don't feel like going home for Saturday night although I feel tired. So just called up girl friends and they said go to Laundry again! kekeke ... I said ok!

Were at Laundry around 10ish pm...lucky the bar still got available places for us. The night was also girls night out and this time more girls. Total 8 girls I think...with some of their guy friends. Met my friend as well. I was drunk drunk drunk! all gals were crazy leh...drank so much. too many mixture of drinks. 3 stouts, 1 baileys, 1 semboka, 2 chemical, 1 shot (mixture of 2 types alcohol but no name), 1 lamborghini, 1 whisky (from my friend), 1 JD Coke (spilled half cup...lucky huh:p)...this time I really over limit...probably happy drinking with the girls so forget my limit :p puke twice ... ish ish...not a good feeling neh... lucky got a girl friend sending me home cos I cant drive that night. *smirk* I have no worries cos I know someone there will take care of me *wink* Although next day gotta hang over but I did enjoy the night and something happened that made me feel good :D

Sunday as usual shadow jam at taipan then combat then makan then drink....did a guilty thing... but don wanna mention here hehehe. That's my weekend!