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Monday, September 08, 2008

Being Too Nice

Being nice to anyone is good. But being too nice not necessary a good thing. Being nice to others not necessary to get the return where they will be nice to you. I'm trying be nice to everyone and don't expect people will be nice to me. However sometimes it is disappointed and upset that even though the person you treated nice but not treat you nice, worst is did something that hurt your feeling. Or not appreaciates what you did. Even from a small matter, you will see a true friend whether they treat you good. Being nice to someone is a matter of how sincere. I rather not treat me good if it is not sincere. I'm getting fed up with people around which I treat them nice but in return they hurt my feelings. May be they don't notice it but in directly they did. I am thinking...should I be nice anymore? What I expect is true friends...with true heart...with sincerity....
I have something wish to write it here...which it kept in my heart for long. May be is time for me to release it. Whenever I thought of it I will feel sad. Whenever things happen around that reminds me I feel sad. May be you may think it is a small matter but to me is important and real feeling to me. May be after I wrote will offend friends around me. Should I write? But if I don't say it out I'll be upset all the time and let them make me sad over and over again.