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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mid Autumn Weekend

It is nothing special to me if is festive day or normal day. Since I'm in KL and weekend I'll be alone. Initially plan to go back hometown celebrate with family but knowing sister left yesterday and since I have many events on saturday and Monday cant take leave. So just choose to stay in KL. I hope after these tuition period then I can go back visit mum. Since sis left she and dad will be alone at home. Dont know she can take care herself or not.
Saturday was a busy and tiring day. Early morning wake up, find my friend who helps to get mooncake from her uncle. Then go Pavilion before class to get a dinner dress. Did a class with just 1 member. But still do it and GXC ask me why 1 member still so 'lok lik', I said no matter how many member I still need to do it and try my best work harder to motivate anyone. After class went to Jaya33 for BodyJam tuition and BodyStep tuition back to back. Then rush to a wedding dinner at KL. I was so tired. But good to had a gathering with some ex colleagues. After dinner just go home. so so so sleepy while driving home. But I slept late again.
Sunday, as usual, wake up earlier prepare tracks for later class. I spent my mooncake festival with members. After class asked them stay back and had some mooncake which I brought to them. Gave some to some of the regulars. The mooncake is shanghai yam mooncake. Not bad. They like it also. hehe. After that went lunch with Nat and grocery shopping together at Giant Kinrara. Can't do anything anymore but just got home to rest. I took a 2 hours nap yet still not enough. Did some house chores and now I am blogging here. About to sleep soon...
That's it my quiet mooncake fest. No family reunion dinner. No dinner with friends as well. Just alone to have own good time. When alone will think too much and trying not to. So, how's ur weekend?