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Monday, September 01, 2008

Long Weekend

Nothing special for my long weekend. A bit busy and didn't rest much.
Saturday - Workshop
Time to have quarterly workshop again. This round the timing shuffled. The program I'm doing is at later afternoon. Went earlier to have lunch first. Not so much mood and feel lost in the workshop. May be alot newbies don't know and alot from overseas. Also was not in mood due to something.
Before lunch
Lunch at KLCC food court. My mood gets better after got a call from someone. Then attend the education. After education is BodyStep master class. The choreography and musics not bad. Got some nice one..songs from bodyjam previous release...Green Light, freemason remix, Feedback and Wall To Wall. Got some new moves. New bodystep not that hard.
After BodyStep straight away is BodyJam. Have a quick change and manage to snap some photos before the class starts.
Before BodyJam
After Body Jam
Don't know why...this time I don't feel much feeling...not so high. may be don't know the moves? Not so concentrate to pick up the moves. Just can't as high as others but still had fun. New choreography ok. New interesting moves. It has Tribal dance, Latin, Big Phat Aussie House...some musics are nice. Yet to learn the new chory yet...is time for tuitions and practices...yet got the mood.

As usual one whole gang dinner together. Went to Madam's Kwan. I had Nasi Boujari. Then sharing the 3 dessert above with another 2 persons. Ice Kacang, Cendol and Sago Gula Melaka. Only like cendol the rest so so. The nasi good. Have a quick dinner and didn't stay chit chat. May be tired and want to home earlier. Had a long chat on the phone with someone. Happy :)
Sunday - Classes
I have holiday classes @ pavilion. De-motivated classes I had. Zero member or only 1 member. But at least workout a bit and had long steaming. Then shop at Mercato for groceries. Bought expensive stuffs which I feel like cooking. Spent huge on those stuffs. :( I was at pavilion for 5+ hours. Spent RM100 and above free first 2 hours. But when the time leaving surprisingly it is free parking...huh? why ar? don't know. happy can save the parking fees...expected to pay at least 6-8 bucks. No traffic jam and home fast. Just had sandwich for dinner. Nothing much at the night...just internet as usual...sien...
Monday - Pamper myself
Had facial. Good one. Thought see doctor but clinic not open. Went to Curve shop for a while. Spent again. Aiks. Bought nike stuffs at 50%. aiyoh can't resist. But then I need more pants as my existing ones a lot color fading off. washed too much. Some split. Thought of search for wig for mum. She needs it to attend function coming weekend but can't find. Wonder where can I find?? No time to shop leh...
That's is my weekend. normal one. thought meet some friends but all not free. well...alone also good la. can do my own stuffs. don't feel like blogging actually. Just update for a sake. don't ask me update again. I'll update when I want to. I'm very tired and wanted to sleep early but still cant. Now 12+am. Spent the time updating here instead sleep..sigh. OK doze off now...