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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

First Night Job

The company I am working with always have a night job which need to do migration at night at certain period when no transactions. And yesterday I was required to work at night for the first time. The job is over night job. So basically yesterday morning went to work and off work at 6pm. And then didn't go home but went to gym taught a super duper hot step class (due to aircond problem in the gym...I was sweat till the stage flooded with my sweats...can u imgaine? ewwww) hehehe...then go back to work till this morning. Which means I don't sleep more than 20 hours. Long time no 'ngai yeh' like this lor...today stay home and rest....still feeling tired.
But due to some hiccup last night the migration called off...so tonight another night job to be resumed. sigh....another night...but I think better...because can rest now and tonight should be better. Later will go gym first then only go work. Hopefully everything smooth and I don't want night job again lor....sob sob...


pamela chan said...

take care!

Pauline Wong said...

wow sounds very sanfu! better take care of yourself