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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Surprise Birthday Cake

Everyone has surprise birthday cake except me. I don't even have a whole cake with candles for me to blow.
Everyone has a nice meal treat or present except me. What I have just a simple present from a group of friends which doesn't cost much and it just been put aside which not useless to me. And I don't have anyone arrange a celebration dinner for me.
I have a lonely birthday this year. I don't get a celebration by a group of close friends I used to celebrate together. Not even a treat or present by them. Even I ask for it none of them take it seriously.
What I can do for myself is asked for a dinner. And thanks to Daphne and Mee Kee willing to celebrate with me on the day. Especially they have to sacrify their favourite gym class and treat me a good meal. Thank you very much. Love you both. Not forget those sincere friends that wished me. Also not forget one of the Jam member that gave me an ang pow. She was kind enough thought of get me a present but not sure what I like. So just gave me money.
Thank you for the night!!
Only a small cake that free from restaurant
What I can see here....
Is not about the materialistic things I get such as cake or present...most important is about the sincerity and thoughts that my friends gave me.
What I can see here....
Even though not a very closed friends like Daphne and Mee Kee, they also willing to celebrate with me. They see me so pathetic no one celebrate with. Give up class and treat expensive meal. And also just a member remember my birthday and think of get me something. How about the friends I closed with? Nothing. May be just wishes...
What I can see here....
My position in my closed friends heart. I treat them as true friends. Try best to arrange any birthday surprise but in the end what I get?
What I can see here....
I rather not receive anything rather than a present that worth nothing. May be just a simple meal better than this.
It is OK to have lonely birthday which I used to have. However of course wish to have a sincere friends do something for you that you can feel it...and yes, may be I want the companion. Is the thought that speaks. It past so long but whenever thought of it I'm upset. Especially when see everyone has it but I don't have. I am also disappointed didn't get anything from someone that I love. I thought of expecting something but none also.
You may think this is a small matter. Yeah small matter in terms of what you get physically. But mentally it is important. I see friends important in my life. I see friends as my true friends. I give all my heart and sincere to them. Everything happened that hurt my feeling...sad...upset. That's how my birthday ended up.