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Tuesday, September 16, 2008


What freak I am? I think I wan be gym freak once again. Just like what said in new release dvd. Everyone is freak and be friend with freaks. Yeah admit myself is a freak also. Lately I am changing my workout schedule. Don't want be lazy anymore. Started to put RPM in one of my workout schedule. So not me. hehe. But since started first RPM last Monday, I want to keep it up. Did another one last Wed and last night did back to back again. hohoho. From now onwards, try to do RPM back to back on Monday. Tuesday, will do cardio wave, combat and may be hot yoga, Wed if possible RPM and BStep. Thursday either rest or RPM / Step? Friday - Sunday as usual doing my own class and add extra workout if got time and energy. Can't let myself to rest. Must work harder to reach my target. And now after each workout session will try to have steam bath. It feels good after a hardwork and got the steambath. Relax. :) Hope soon I reach my target....hehe
So are you a freak???