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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Shanghai Yam Mooncake

Got to know my aunty is selling these mooncake and commented is nice. Her shop is in Seremban. One of my colleague also my high school senior know my aunty and bought this for us to try. It tastes good. It is home made. Not expensive compare to those selling out side nowadays. 1 box 4 pieces should be around RM26.
I don't really like mooncake but will try new thing or good one which recommended. This one yam one not bad. Especially those not sweet one then I'll eat. Like the egg yok. Seem fresh also.


~hushling~ said...

Wow!!! Is it for sale? Can help me buy ah? I love this kind of mooncake, but very hard to find here....

Shirlyn said...

if u wan sure I can help to buy. actually I got a colleague after tried it wanna order 2 boxes. So my sister is coming to KL on Thursday. If you really want then I ask to buy extra so she can bring together. But please let me know by today or tomorrow early so I can let my sis knows la. How many boxes you want? hehe

Beside I got a friend's uncle also sell this.

so see which one u wanna try?? u have my number right? sms to me.

Anonymous said...

looks good!The mooncakes here in the oriental stores are so bloody expensive!!