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Monday, September 08, 2008

Break the Virginity

What virginity? nah...don't think something else. I just break the virginity for doing RPM class for first time la! haha. Tonight I was crazieeee...joined RPM back to back for very first time ever since I joined gym few years back! Yeah...I never try RPM at all. I was scare to try. Heard that butt and below part damn pain. Some more I am phobia with cycling. Especially for moving bike. Lucky RPM bikes is stagnant. In fact, I don't know how to cycle in correct way. Hopefully I did correct just now. It was so hard...I just not used to the feeling. May be not familiar with the bike. The feeling just same as the first time I did Cardio Wave. So hard to push. Well, first time mar, take it easy lor. haha. Some 2 classes wor. Need to join more to get condition with it. I will not stop doing it, will try again next week...hopefully can back to back as well. hmmm thinking should I do again once this week? My first time feeling...shiok! hehe. Push and push...eh but I don't make any noises wor...aiyah tarak chance to see tat member which ahhou mentioned. haha. With the funny sounds sure more fun :p
Can someone tell me if do RPM more can loose weights? Can slim and tone the legs? But I heard some said will get trunk legs wor. so which is true? slim legs or trunk legs? I don't want make my legs bigger which already big! tips...tips...
ooopppsss suppose planned to do 2 RPM then following hot yoga. Tak jadi la...tak mampu lagi. so crazy in RPMs tarak energy anymore. I scare later I'll pengsan in the room. haha. One RPM already sweat so much. Whole baju wet. I was feeling cold half way. May be sugar level dropped neh. Tarak dinner. So later wear a jacket for 2nd class. haha others see me said I crazy...so hot still wear jacket. But I feel ok wor. At least I don't feel chill half way. I have a cold body I guess. Weak weak. You know what...the jacket also wet! Next time must change. OK now legs pain...but feel good. Hopefully I can sleep better tonight. Didn't sleep well last night..donno why. Alright...doze off now la...my panda eyes getting darker :(


zarrien08 said...

rpm?? best ker? i pun x pernah try.. boleh kasi kurus ke?? nak itut!! nak itut!! hehe..

Shirlyn said...

i dengar banyak cakap rpm boleh kurus badan...jadi pergi try. u juga try. see got result or not. tapi takut kaki besar nanti.