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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Spoil my plan

Last night after RPM classes, others RPM kaki, new friends I've made invited me join them for dinner in conjunction celebrate birthday for one of them. suppose planned no dinner and sleep early but all screw. hehe. Since ppl ajak then go la. Enjoyed the moment with them also. Eng Guan was there also. Went to this d'Italian Kitchen next to TF Jaya33. I said wanna go there since never been ther and heard su yee commented the food esp pasta nice. Wanna try. Pasta is one of my favourite actually. Their menu quite a lot to choose esp pasta. Wah make me wanna try all. I got recommended to try special for the month. A hot pasta which is in tomato paste with seafood and put in aluminium foil and baked. But can't remember the name of the pasta. It tastes good. At least not so heavy compare to Carbonara. But then most of them ordered Carbonara. Which is my favourite!! deng...can't have creamy carbonara since it is late dinner lor :( May be try next time.
d'italian kitchen @ Jaya33
the hot pasta I had. many mushrooms and tomatoes. A big crab and prawn. I skipped the crab.
My drink. Apple, Celery and Mint Juice. Nice but sweet. Notice they got a lot of different green green color drinks. hehe. Interesting. Wanna try all. Their drinks also special.
The cake for the birthday girl. It is orange cheese cake! I been forced to eat big big piece of it!!! duh. But it is nice...too sweet for me actually.
The cake given by the restaurant if anyone birthday. It is real good! Yum Yum..but fat fat hehe
I had super full dinner last nite since I don't dinner like this for some time. Until I cant sleep early. Now very sleepy and moody today. To my dear friends who is food lover, you should try this restaurant. Or invite me also can :D
Oh no...coming Wednesday got a buka puasa buffet dinner invited by taipan jam members also. In pyramid. :D must puasa these 2 days in order to stuff all the food again. yeah...today and tomorrow just vege and fruits for breakfast, lunch, dinner! and gonna go workout more more more tonight!


zarrien08 said...

?? puasa? hehe.. can or not?? don't cheat ok!! ;p

Shirlyn said...

of course cannot! hehe I must eat n drink. wat i mean may be just fruits n vege till the night :D

Su-Yee said...

hey, now only i saw this post!glad u finally try:)

the cake is call zabaglione! its really good!