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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Stealing Case

I was at gym just now. As usual I went shower and hang my toiletry bag which is Nike one on the hook beside the shower room. And my locker key was inside the pouch. What I know the next thing done my shower and looking for the bag and it's gone! Obviously someone has taken it. I have nothing valuable inside the pouch but I was extremely worry is my locker key inside it! What if the person took it know which locker and steal anything inside my locker? I quickly rush out to my locker and see the lock still there. But still worry that the lock been unlocked and inside empty. Thank god got some members help me to inform front desk to open the lock for me. They all are helpful. I've been waited there anxiously until the lock got cut half and confirmed my stuffs still inside then only settle down my anxiety. Damn worry. I have my company laptop, my valuable handbag with handphones, ipod etc inside. Thank god all safe. It happened many cases especially in Jaya one. Next time I gotta be more careful. But still not safe by putting all valuable stuffs in the locker. how ar? gosh...gotta spend money to get a new lock again :(