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Friday, August 29, 2008

Be Happy

Earlier on because of one thing someone told me made me upset. Sad to know it. But I know I have to concentrate to prepare for coming class. I suppose to have Cardio Wave @ Jaya33 7:30pm but in the afternoon request to replace class in Taipan 6:30pm. Very hard to make decision but in the end decided to go for Taipan one. Reason is timing too early and I have to leave office which I don't know whether I can or not. Take a risk to take it. No matter what still gotta leave early. And I need time to prepare tracks which I have no idea what to do. Lucky got input from Zarina...I did some of her suggestion. Hope members like it too. Like I said earlier.. too little class and tend to forget chory. Last minute preparation...sure got screw a bit. But don't care la. I was not feeling well before class...but when I start stand on stage whatever pain can't feel anymore. May be divert attention. I'm glad that I took up the replacement...love the members supports and screaming around...make some noises. Especially all bodyjam hardcore so non-stop and do all the way till the end. Except a hiccup when doing 2nd block. kakaka. I was too excited until I put wrong music pun tak tau. until they told me!! ish ish. Wonder why I'm so high and hyper...where comes my energy? Probably it is interrelated. Is the members gave me energy. They motivated me. In the class...I forgot everything but just do what I suppose to do. Help me relief all stress and sad things. Really really glad in this class and had great time together. After did the class...I feel better. Don't wanna be sad. Try not to let negative qi to affect me. I want be positive and cheerful girl again which I used to be. Don't simply sad and affected by small matters. Again...take it easy...yeah...Be tough...Be strong.
Thanks to all the members in the class...my life not only work and home...I need workout as well...time to roll back my actions. Don't worry...Be happy :) even i'm still sad now but tomorrow will be a better day...no worries....yeah yeah yeah
p/s: wahh...how come I feel hungry now?? ate so much today wor. aiyoh..must be stomach got bigger by stuffing so much food. aiks...grow fat again...haha...ok time to sleep...no eat no eat :D...prepare for tomorrow...all day long...


zarrien08 said...

yeah! can see u had fun on stage. I had fun too!! The members also!! told u we'll go crazy right?! ;p
thank God u tak pengsan hehe..

Shirlyn said...

yaya can see everyone had fun. I was too high. once got on stage forgotten my pain. haha too hyper n high no time think of pengsan :p

Tweets said...

Hi gurl,

Don't be too sad. Dun think too much and just enjoy the good things in life.

By the way, how is Clement in BKK? Heard of the unrest and protests there.

Shirlyn said...

Clement is fine in BKK