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Monday, November 03, 2008

2 More Days

Siem Reap trip is around the corner soon! It seems that out of sudden a lot of things to be settled before I go on the trip! Oh no...I feel dizzy...too many things with limited time. Past few days made many decisions and even today as well! I am not sure what I've done is right or not. Don't care anymore. Just do it and worry later bah :S. I'm very tired...didn't have much time sleep past few nights due to many things to settle and think about. Hope my decision will see the results soon in near future. Want to get better and better. In any aspects. Mean time with worries as well. Finger cross. Mixture of feelings and can't think at all at the moment.
May I see brightness in future!


pamela chan said...

happy vacation! life is short... enjoy first ;)

Su-Yee said...

ENjoy dear.....all the best to you

zarrien08 said...

hey Shirlyn!! have a fun holiday ya!! don't think too much about all the 'remeh' matters coz it will spoil ur holiday mood :) eh.. i want souvenir!!! can or not?? hehe.. ;p

Shirlyn said...

thanks gals.
hehehe souvenir? if see a nice one sure lah.