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Friday, November 28, 2008

FF Axis

Went to FF Axis for the Hip Hop Gangsta theme class. The feeling is different compare to last time I was still member of FF and very active in Axis branch with a bunch of friends crazily join bodyjam together. Miss those days. May be due to I left FF for very long time...feel strange when I got back there. Totally different feeling. Donno how to describe it but just uncomfortable. May be don't have my friends around, or just few of them which I know. Even the dance studio also different. I was standing last row and thru out the tracks got squeezed to the back wall till can't move at all. Meaning cant enjoy lah! used to have much dance space in TF mar. Some more the aircond spoiled for 2 weeks! gosh...damn hot leh. I am start worrying and panic-ing for my BS clearance next monday at same place! How can I survive without aircond and teach 1 whole class? Scare difficult to breath and lower down my stamina :S....wish me luck