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Sunday, November 09, 2008

I'm Back!

Sorry for the previous post...it was blogged using my iphone with the slow internet speed in the guest house. So just a quick one where am I.
OK...I'm back this afternoon after a few days nice holiday. Just a quick summary of my trip before I uploaded the pics and explain one by one in details. It was nice to be in a city that I never been to and see things that I never thought I would see. Different experience. Not bad apart from walking alot, walk under sun and rain, eating dust, face full of sand and dust, tan, tired and sleepy....but I enjoyed the trip with the people and places...taking many photos...learnt new things and see new things...cam whoring and shock sendiri with cameras...eat and eat and eat until donno how many pauns have gained! The food are nice. The people are nice. The temples visited are fanstastic. The indiana jones journey is nice. Overall visited over 20 temples, experienced amazing, excited, tough, romantic, super hot trip. Fun and adventure. Can't wait to see all photos.
Now back to reality...no more holiday. back to work tomorrow. I need to catch up the time. Catch up the sleep. Catch up in the gym. Been eating a lot and fat! gosh...time back to normal la. sob sob....now have to wait for another trip coming... =D Stay in tune of my next update of the trip. Hope can be up soon :p


novice101 said...

Happy that the trip was altogether fantastic for you. How about doing something to help another fellow human being?


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