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Monday, November 17, 2008

California Fitness Trial

Yesterday my very first time enter California Fitness KL. Went to standard chartered one with the 1 month VIP pass I had it long long time ago. At last can use the pass. I was asked to join arjiette free style step together. yeah I like step and its been ages no join liao. Had fun and challenge for me. Lucky not too tough and still can do it but a bit lost la. Good to see someone that long time no see and esp both diva queen and cb LC bitch together. haha. ok back to Cali...I've been to BKK Cali compare to KL one a bit different especially the changing room. The classes there quite interesting...mostly freestyles. lots of dance and step classes. Since I have 1 month pass...and it is near my office. Will be going there more within this month to try out the classes.