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Friday, November 28, 2008

Mum in Bad Condition

2 days ago sister told me mum went thru chemo again. Few days earlier she went for CT scan and the result told that her tumor in liver growing bigger (mum did complain the tummy getting hard but sis doesnt tell her the tumor grown) and the blood cell from 80+ up till 1488...thats alot leh!!! She also said feel pain and lately she is much weaker. After the chemo she cant pass motion and today admit to hospital again. This happened once last time after her chemo as well. See her awarded very suffer leh :( Don't know why her condition getting bad. Her condition getting worst since my sis left to Perth. And also may be no one accompany her at home part of the reason she is not happy and bored. So now my sis coming back tomorrow and take care of her for time being. I wish can take care but I don't have the capability. I am working in KL and busy teaching classes. Don't have much time go home. Feel so bad. Is like wanted to do but unable to do it. Tomorrow I'll go hospital visit mum after class. Hope she is alright. Let's pray.


Su-Yee said...

let's pray dear........your mom will have to focus and be stong mentally, it will heal, tell her body....the law of attraction.....no hard trying.
u stay stong k gurl!

Steph said...

It must be hard on you sis, but please be strong k? Will keep your mum in prayer for a speedy recovery.


Shirlyn said...

Thanks gals *hugz* thanks for the support and concerns. I need it.

Tweets said...

I'll pray for your mom too. Hope that she'll recover.

Shirlyn said...

thanks dear:)

jazz2dmax said...

Hope your mom recovers yeah...*hugs*