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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Be Grateful

You should be grateful when your family members still healthy. Appreciate when you have it. Appreciate your family whenever wherever you can. Cherish the times together with your family. No matter what they are important, part of your life, they always be with you anytime. Be grateful you have friends as well. Remember, cherish everyone besides you. Love all around to everyone if you can. Appreciate someone who loves you. Sometimes a friend may not be with you or will not see each other but remember they will always remember you and support you from far. Even those far apart for long time they still your friends and family. You will more grateful when you meet them again. I used to have a noisy family. All gather together every weekend spend time together. I had a happening family has many gatherings and things to talk. But things will changed. It's getting quiet and everyone left. Leave a quiet home and everyone are busy to be home. I know how it feels esp my mum stay alone in the house. It is not a good feeling. It will not be the same as last time. So be grateful what you have now. For those still have family spend together should more grateful. I am grateful I still have a bunch of friends that care and spend time together although I dont have family as used to be. So cheer up =)
This year seems that not a good year to most of people around me. It is like a sick year. My mum has cancer, my bro-in-law's father is hemiplegia (half body cant move), my bro-in-law has diabetes, my aunty critical sick warded in hospital. Besides my families, my friends's family as well, Raymond's mum is nephrosis (kidney sickness), larry has weird sickness warded in hospital many times and now half lost of the eye sights, and some of the friends always get sick and in hospital...how come so many bad things happened? I wish this year goes fast and coming year everyone healthier and better!


Daphne Yeoh said...

Dear, always be your side and support you..cheer...