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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ugly Duckly Week

I'm super ugly at least for this week and may be next week as well. Why? Last Saturday I went for facial treatment. And I did a treatment calls LHE (Light Heat Energy) which helps to lighten pigmentation. This treatment is free with the facial course I signed up. I am very scare to do this treatment because it is painful treatment lor. The treatment is using a machine with laser light and inject on the pigmented area. You will feel the heat and a slight fast injection on your face. The lights burnt my baby hair on the face and you can smell the burnt smell. After the treatment you will feel the face like burning and a bit pain and red. After the treatment the freckles spots will get darker as you can see what on my face. The freckles very very obvious and dark patch. Then later it will drop off and the pigmentation lighter. However I have to bear with it for this week. Can't make up as well. Imagine how ugly I am now! sob sob :(

Feeling: It is very hard to maintain good all the time. have to sacrify e.g. pain and money. I am regret I don't take good care of my face when young. When young always expose to hot sun till spoiled my face :(. May be I was too active and that time always outdoor activities. Where got like nowadays youngster so good to have nice and comfortable gym places for exercise? Can't compare with young girls anymore. Will never be better. sigh

p/s: any beauty tips to reduce freckles don't mind share with me yah...appreciate!


Tweets said...

Oh god, the treatment is so scary. You bought the EB right, that should work on your skin.

Shirlyn said...

hahaha scared u meh? after 1 week look nicer mar. EB is working lah...additional thing to make me look better :p

Tweets said...

No la, I mean the LHE is scary not the EB. haha..