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Monday, November 17, 2008

BS Clearance in FF

Suppose today planned to have clearance in FF Axis but I had postponed it 2 weeks later. Reason? earlier sprain my ankle still pain. Thought of go see tit tar but yet got time. May be this weekend? Another reason is I am just back from holiday. No gym more than a week. So I need time to pick up back. Especially do BS whole class with non-stop even worst. No stamina no talk. I want to have more time to prepare for a better. Hopefully this 2 weeks will gain back and practice more. Wish me luck =D


zarrien08 said...

yeah!! Go Go Shirlyn!! U Can Do It!! Eh! tell me when u do BS clearance at FF ya!! I'll go there also to support u!! WooHoo!! :D

Shirlyn said...

adui..u pun nak support ke. tension tension. haha but thanks yeah ;)