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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

KL Office

Consider today is my 4th day back to KL office. There are pros and cons compare last time I was stationed in customer place in subang hi-tech. Cons will be more since back to KL office. For who doesn't know...since my first day work I've already base in subang hi-tech and just 4 days old in KL office. So to me everything is new. Office area, the office itself, the other colleagues never introduced, everything totally different. All these while been working in PJ or some where far from KL. And I don't like go to KL because of the traffic jam. Still prefer PJ areas that side. Now...no choice but have to come to KL everyday. Since working in KL everyday sleep 1 hour lesser...leave home earlier...reach home later. All due to the traffic jam!! Because of this I have problem to go to gym esp always go to gym in PJ or USJ. Much further and time consuming.
2 out of 4 days here...I've been office alone. Felt very lonely. No colleagues go lunch together. Although I seldom go lunch with colleagues...because I usually brought food and never go out. Once a while will go with them. But due to just back from holiday and busy work no time to prepare the food. So have to depends on what can eat around the office area. I know a lot of things to eat here but I have no idea where lor... especially when everyone not around. Don't know where to go. The food here extremely expensive!! Calculated at least need RM20+ per day for 3 meals. Daily parking RM5 it comes to RM100 per month. Then have to pass by toll and petrol added up = HIGH EXPENSES!!! Last time in customer place toll, petrol can claim and parking free! so much different. HIGH EXPENSES + HIGH COMMITMENT = DIE!!
Have to tightened my belt eat lesser and try to bring own food to office. If not really cannot survive. Can I cope with it? Not too sure and worry....I need get more classes to cover! GXs who reads me pleaseeee :D
Due to work here and leave late I've been lazy and tired to go gym. consequences is getting FAT!!! especially just back from holiday...DIE + DIE = SUPER DIE!!! My stamina dropped like nobody biz for sure. How am I do my BS clearance next Monday? *deng*
Today monday blues....mood swinging and pissed. Due to someone something... Even today AA offers free seats and very cheap...initially plan to go a place I wish to go and with someone but end up give up...decided no go anywhere. No one interested to go, No $$$, No time blah blah blah...FORGET IT!! I know some of you get a good deal and I don't get any. =( What a day huh?!