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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Eternal Beauty

It is funny have such comments - hey, you slim down alot leh. But frankly, during siem reap trip ate a lot and I'm sure I gain weights. Some more stopped gym more than 1 week. Only last week and this week go more often almost everyday to gain back stamina. It is really funny how come people see the other way round? Not this time got such comment. I faced this many years ago also after trip. Usually after trip people sure see you gain weights but my case like different story. haha. Oh talk about ppl commented my face look slimmer, and yes! I do find it too. Thanks to EB...the Eternal Beauty device I am using everyday twice! I used it to concentrate on my face first. It can use on body. For beauty lah...slimming lah :)
4 Technologies in 1 Revolutionary Device

Eternal Beauty is an integrated health & beauty massager which harmonises the beauty of nature with science by using naturally-occurring materials to provide salon-quality beauty, slimming and health benefits at an affordable price.

Eternal Beauty is an award winning invention which can naturally emit Far Infrared Rays, Anion and Germanium with Ultrasound capabilities. The massager head, made of Natural Stone, allows for safe use even on the most sensitive skin.

Among the many benefits of this portable hand-held device are reducing wrinkles, increasing skin elasticity, pore-refining, breaking down of cellulite and brightening skin. 
I'm happy using it now :) hopefully will see significantly result very soon :D