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Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Last weekend there are some functions happening in Bukit Jalil Stadium. From my house I heard a lot of voices and knowing something on there but no idea what was that. Later ask my sis she said some TV3 functions...tak tau apa tu lah...dont care. However because of that cause traffic jam outside the stadium which affected me stuck in traffic a little while going home... Whenever there are concerts or something on in stadium sure will like this situation one...

On Sunday night while I'm at home....towards late night, I think the event ending then heard very loud firecracker and I can see it very near n clearly from my house. Quickly grab my camera to test out the function hehehe...however donno why the shutter too slow and cant grab the correct moment. Here some pics taken (but not nice one la)...n with a window in between. Hmm...i can snap the photo from outside but because...don wanna let my sis know I got new camera (nanti dia marah)...so gotta hide in a room to take :p

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Tweets said...

Wahhhh, the pics are beautiful.
I'm beginning to like your camera very much. But very ex leh. Heavy also.

kt said...

wow!! very pretty fireworks!!

eh? u stay at bkt jalil also? me stay very near there, next time can find u yum cha???? :-)

Shirlyn said...

Thanks to the camera but my skills still suck :p need to improve and learn to handle the camera... interested? buy la buy la (here comes evil) hehehe....its not that heavy that you are thinking la. at least lighter than those really pro camera leh

tell me where u stay? sure we can come out yum char anytime. u got my number rite? call me out anytime ;)

Judy Chow said...

there having 'jom heboh' TV3 is a karnival thing...very noisy throughout the weekend...even it is near to me too...i'm not able to see the fire cracker plays from my window...it was cover by the apartment block in front of my window...thanks for capture it..it was nice!