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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Some Updates

Lately I started few lazy to update blog again :p maybe I wanna do my work during working hour gua...after work always no time to get online. Here some updates from last week. Too many things happened...so so so tired *plak*

21/9 (Thursday)
Went to Cafe Flame again with Fanny & Alex...and this time another guy joined us...hmm someone interested on me...Picked up Fanny then join Alex and this guy joining later. As usual we sat at the bar. Saw someone we seen 2 weeks ago which we interested to check him out. Had dinner and drinks there. Stout for sure and whisky...duh...alcohol again :S Why lately I can drink it again? I drink not because the drink but my friends...for them...for fun...for some release... had great time drinking and dancing. In between some guys approached us but we rejected. However there is a cute young boy approached Fanny :p hehe...same thing...got drunk but not till limit...still able to drive fanny home n myself home :D

22/9 (Friday)
Hang over from last nite...still gotta work...however can't concentrate much :p some more its friday weekend mood :p. Lucky had a good lunch...at least make me awake for some time :D. I got a hot date with this guy (who joined last nite) for dinner. However I'm not excited abt it and still undecide yet to go dinner with him. Suppose I need to replace Wave but rejected...reason I need rest by not doing any workout however I can't rest also because gotta go for the date...didn't enjoy much from the date... Had dinner at La Bodega Bangsar...then join Fanny & Lynn at SevenEightNine (789) located at Ascott Hotel. Nice chill out place if you go with a group. However this day I'm superb tired and didn't enjoy much. Some more this pub not meant for dancing and just sitting there...makes me fall asleep :p I need to move only can make myself awake hehe. Hit the sack immediately when home.

23/9 (Saturday)
Went for a massage in the noon about 2 hours...great massage...enjoyed it. Will do it again soon :D It was a heavy rain in the afternoon...some places flooded...accompany someone to Low Yat to buy from the list...me as well get some for myself. Once a while will shop at Low Yat to see what can buy from there...I admit that I'm gadget geek :D Suppose have steamboat buffet @ 7pm but I was late...around 8ish only reached Sunway to join a group of divas --- jam instructors...to celebrate successful launch in TF...

Steamboat 20 @ Sunway

24/9 (Sunday)
Craziest day I had...spent at gym from 10:30am till 5pm! hohoho...
10:30-11:30 - BodyCombat
11:45-12:45 - BodyJam (shadow)
1pm - BodyAttack (first 3 tracks) cannot tahan then cabut...hehehe...heard someone yelling behind when we are leaving ;) .... planned to do a while because wanna practice Jam mar... went up to studio 3 practice Jam from Track 1 - 12 with some cues... tak boleh tahan to finish all. Been whole day not eating anything but just water...however I don't feel hungry at all ... may be too much water. Raymond suggested to go makan then I think I should eat also... after lunch back to gym
3:30-4:30 - BodyStep
So total I did 4 hours + workout...damn tired but too hyper la me...leg pain also continue do it. Gotta try to push myself a little bit more in order to build up stamina :p

After workout had dinner and chit chat a while, shopped at Subang Nike a while then go home rest! A tiring day....huhuhu...but I feel satisfied

25/9 (Monday)
Monday bluessss.....mood very very down....got puffy eyes consequences from crying... :( But I'm fine after a while. Had quick lunch then napped in office. Thought of take MC and go home but I didn't. I need to learn to control my emotional. For those havent know me well, I'm emotional girl which easily cry...don't be surprised k. However I'm easily get over it also. For those who knows why...thanks for the advices...appreciated your words...n companion...I can feel that what friends for...
At night went shadow Jam with Tina in TF Taipan. Overall good class...then buka puasa with Tina. After that joined BodyAttack (which I don't intend to join but Raymond grabbed me in).. ok...joined with full stomach! first few tracks so uneasy with a little bit stomach pain. After a while burnt all and can jump high high high...I can see my face expression so so so tired... but push push push till the end! yeah!! I survived the whole class...hohoho satisfied again! After that feel the pain from whole body...gosh! *muscles pain is good thing though* kekeke

26/9 (Tuesday)
Thought of shadow but better not...superb tired and sleepy so better plan go home sleep. siapa tau...my plan tak jadi! alwiz!! thats why I learnt not to plan and follow my plan much...decide on the time it comes...hohoho. tu Fanny pasal...kekeke last minute ask me go dinner with her, Lynn & Julie (gal, I miss u so much!) ... Thanks that I decided to join them...we had dinner and drink @ KLCC Chilis....gals nite out n gals talks...really a great nite with fun "topics" ;) and great laughs! hiak hiak hiak...learnt something new esp to julie....waakakkaka good that have these moments to pour out what we've been thinking and share our thoughts....I always wish to have a good drink and chat after work by sitting at the bar in a nice place...just like what showed in some series....all my fatigued gone! Thanks gals!!
One thing annoyed me in the night was received a call in middle of the night while I'm sleeping! It's from a guy who never give up wanna to know who am I! ish ish!! Cause me hard to fall back to sleep :(

27/9 (Wednesday)
Done a development plan which took me a while to think of how to write up...still need to amend if necessary...however my overall picture of what I suppose to do still unclear...hope time goes by I'll get more understanding. Plan to go hot yoga and BStep tonight but expecting will have Wave class replacement....and my expectation was bingo! hehe will be replacing Wave class then do BStep...am now happy and no worries to do wave since I did it few times...however still thinking how to make the combos interesting and satisfy the members. Been telling others if got replacement look for me...hehehe gotta earn more mar :p although tired but push myself lor! Need to kick my own kiss to work out more till I reach my target!

28/9 (Thursday)
No certain plan yet but got a guy ask me go to a party with him. Not sure am joining not....might go shopping or see anyone date me :p

29/9 (Friday)
Might have workout / dinner first then go for Jacky movie :D suppose is a hot date from a guy but end up asking many to join in then now is a group dating! kakaka

30/9 (Saturday)
It's FF Launch day...but morning from 10am - 1pm I got a seminar to attend in Mid Valley hotel. Then only will go there joining BCombat and BJam from 6ish in the evening....hope to have fun there

1/10 (Sunday)
Gym in the morning and afternoon. Night attend ex-colleague's wedding dinner. suppose got another birthday dinner need to attend one :( but too bad got wedding dinner. Those are my good sisters birthday dinner leh....

That's so far my plan last n this week....


~hushling~ said...

Busy woman! Miss your laughter and your sweet smile. Can't wait to see you on Sunday! Wear pretty pretty k! Be there early so that we can take loads of photos...hohohoho!! oh, btw, thanks for your advice about diamond. geess...and I'm quite confirmed that ring is suppose to be worn on LEFT ring finger. = ) So no more confusion. hehe

Shirlyn said...

oh yeah...asked my friend n he said is LEFT ring finger for both also :D

can tell me wats the sunday plan ar? still havent figure out how to go there :p

yw[2k] said...

I think I was the ONLY non-instructor at the steamboat dinner that night at Sunway... Ha ha. Had a great time with you guys!