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Friday, September 29, 2006


*Dang* hang over again...slept only 4 hours last nite. dizzy dizzy now...TGIF!!

Last night last minute received a call ask for Wave replacement @ TF Hartamas. Thought can rest a day but still cant. Feel better thinking to make an extra money and can work out not a bad idea also hehe...well, since I've taught many wave classes so it doesnt a matter to me and I'm conditioned with it. Quite a good workout in fact...esp I wanna shape my lower body :p It was my first time teaching Wave in Hartamas...feeling different...the machines layout, the ppl around. Thank god still got members joining but the place a bit open and any members around doing something else also can see us doing there! I was like *hmm* can the whole floor of ppl listening what am I teaching? don't care la...in fact the musics quite loud also...myself also gotta speak louder (almost scream)! The problem there is don't have sound system beside Wave machines, so gotta pass a cd to the front desk to play it when its time. There was this cute front desk guy helping me kekeke...and when I taking back the cd he said the selection of musics were good *grin* I found it nice songs as well and got ppl like it...happy :D

After the class quickly change and dress up myself...kekkeke of course going party la...went to Laundry at Curve. First time been there...and WOW....lots of ppl dining, drinking, singing. Lots of beautiful ppl around mixture of chinese, malays, expats...total 3 girls of us sitting at the bar... thanks to my friends where there earlier and lucky gals...able to get seats at the bar which we like to be there heheh. There were few bands performed but frankly, not that nice. The night was great if the musics better, the group of chinese guys not kacau us, the group of expats not approached us! kakaka...I like the crowds there, the drinks there (colorful one u know) hehe, the environment still boleh tahan, the bar tender esp the one serving us! he is cute! n of course we got to know his name :p We were sitting bar enjoy our nite and something surprised us....we got one round of free drinks which we are drinking! There is a group of guys at the other end of the bar bought for us...didn't know so far also they can notice us :p but too bad...not cute guys :D

I was drunk but still sober...we had a lot of mixture of drinks leh...2 stouts, 1 long island, 1 sex on the beach, 1 B52 (some kind of shot with 3 layer of colors). I like sex on the beach and the shot. kekeke...personally prefer shots...lucky later of the nite the musics changed to better and able to danced a while...we've gotta leave early and avoid those guys bugging us :D went to mamak near by had a chat...emotional chat but good to say all out. I felt something emotionally from wat we chatted...cried a bit while driving home...to release some of my feeling...feel better after tat. Hit the sack as soon as washed up...but still lack of sleep.....sob sob...

Some photos taken last nite...3 beautiful ladies...hiak hiak...
Lyn & Fanny
Shirly, Lyn & Fanny

Tonight another late nite...going movie @ 10:30pm for Rob-B-Hood @ 1U...

Gosh...having problem with tmrw schedule...suppose i got Beauty Workshop from 10am-1pm but heard that FF launch in IOI need to register by 11am...thinking how am I register? Not allow register on behalf...and if register later not sure still got available place for me not! *cracking head now*

These 2 days lunch time went for lingerie warehouse sales just opposite block around my office block. It is basically Blush! brand and some other brand. Bras selling like 1pc RM29, 2 pcs RM50 & 3pcs RM60...same goes to panties and swimwear such as bikini(1 whole set)...besides also got sleepwear, towels, jackets, handbags and some other more. It's really cheap and lots of designs and sizes... just for an example the bikini set i've bought originally price for one whole set RM220 and now only RM20...lots of different right? The sales going on now and till this Sunday only. Daily till 10pm. Interested? let me know then I'll let you know where it is...hehehe...fyi I've bought quite a number from there...one of my hobby to buy lingerie :p


Simone said...

Aiyak...too late d...i also want to get nice cheap sets! Do inform me next time =) tq.

Looks like u have been partying hard! Way to go girl, take care, muakz.

Shirlyn said...

yep yep...lately party too much.. no good rite? but i did enjoy with my friends esp some old friends we used to hang out :D