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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Save My Legs pleaseeee

aiyoyo...my legs got tortured last night! hehehe what happened? Last night kena tortured until both legs got cramp on both calf and feet...duhhh pain pain pain. Last night was BJam tuition in Axis. It was exhausted tuition...the new release really hard hard hard and need extra extra stamina to finish it! My legs started cramp from Latin block...use too much tip toes...u guys got such problem? well, I'm a person easily get cramp one. Till second block the cramp draw out to whole leg...I just stand the pain (try not to care abt it) continue till the end... phew..half dead in the end already.

I've gotta apply CounterPain before I sleep...feel better. Alamak, tonight is another torture night (in fact not that torture..hehehe) again. Got another tuition and this time gotta do 2 tracks. Think is time really drill down the chory n techniques. After tonight wish to remember all the choreos.

Anyway I've learnt something from last night. I just try to have fun there. No pressure. Just do my best....my weakness is the stamina oh...practice practice practice...make perfect!

Happy Birthday to Kak Nita!!

Before our tuition got cake cutting in FF Axis. Let the pictures tell what happened... :) mind that I've forgotten on the flash...its manual flash so still not used to new camera mar kekeke donno why the quality that what I've expected...may be my skill problem :p
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After tuition it already about 11pm....after shower then we all head to Strawberry Field meet up Kak Nita and others for another celebration. Well we just makan makan then chit chatting till 12ish...duh...another late night sleep :( these few nights been sleeping around 1-2am... aiyah not enough sleep la! panda eyes coming out :S. We've taken some photos during makan time also...here you go...
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The cute little girl is Kak Nita's youngest daughter, Sabrina...cute kan? like a little princess. She is so pandai...help mama to give out the beautiful handmade gift with sabun inside (what it calls ar?). It was my first time received such gift from birthday person leh...so nice...kak really pandai handcrafting.

Here the night ends....gosh...so the tired now. And now my heart beat pumping faster...just got sms from Yi Li saying tonight I have Wave class to teach @ 8pm...alamak..didn't know today starts my turn...macam mana teach ar? musics pun tak ada...now gotta search around for right musics liao :(


Tweets said...

I believe it's time for you to take a break from the gym. Haha.

Tony said...

I have leg cramp problem like u, and i found out that most probably is due to my room is too cold, after on the aircond.....

If your room with aircond, then probably try to switch it off, use fan, but then also don turn it on too strong....

Take care..

Shirlyn said...

can't rest this week la..so many tuitions. but today I'll rest since nothing to do! lately slept late n woke up late to work kakaakak

I don't use aircond in my room but just fan ;) I don't think that's the cause...since young I always got cramp one... :(