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Thursday, September 07, 2006

My First Wave Class

Managed to do my first Cardio Wave class in Taipan last night. Did 2 sessions. Members not many but new. Still happy with it and easier for me to teach cos mostly new. By the way I didn't know the sound system there only can use CD and I don't prepare any. Lucky I went there earlier to see how Emelda do her class and thanks to her that borrow her CD to me...Thanks Emelda *hugs*...you are my savior ;) This morning woke up I can feel the effect from Wave! feel it on my buttock mostly hohoho wish to shape it nicer if continue doing it :p After the whole class my legs are strengthless...don't even can feel it and gotta walk slowly :p hmmm is the matter get used to it...

For those who doesnt know what is Wave refer to the pic below :) It's good to shape lower body esp on thighs, buttocks and a little bit of abs.

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After Wave is time for BJam tuition...not well prepare actually...still belum hafal chory for my tracks :p Thanks to others for some help hehe. It was exhausted night to me again. I got difficulty to do Contemporary block...it needs a lot of foot works...a lot of knees and need to bend lower....which I don't have the strength. My weakness is lower body :( I've got a lot of cramps for this new release :(( starting from Latin block leading my legs close to cramp and second block even worst...legs feeble till I can't get balance and go lower...argghhh need to work it more to get used to it...think is time for more leg works...go for BStep? BAttack? or Wave? hehe Think later...now I need rest :p