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Friday, September 01, 2006

Take Care My Friend

I have too many things need to update here but today I have no time. Spent whole morning to setup project system. Need to help someone to burn some dvds and myself yet to learn up new BJam tuition tracks which having tonight! *finger crossing* hope I can remember by next few hours. (I find difficulty to remember new release...or may be I still don't really go into it yet...*wondering*)

Here the tribute this entry to my gym friend - Bih Jiuann...she is leaving to Qatar for work for a year on this Saturday. She is airstewardess which got a contract to work in Qatar. So I'll be missing her for a year. We used to hang out in gym a lot and had fun together with other siao gym friends *wink*...yes is U when you read this post hehehe. All these while when I'm not happy and need someone to talk to she will be there or accompany me. Once she left I'll short of a good friend which I can look for... :( I'll miss you! *muaks*

Tried my best to help her get what she wants before she leaves and did something which I'm able to do to give her as present. Just did this bracelet last night and necklace from my handmade skills :p hope she likes them...

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jazz2dmax said...

wow... the bracelet is beautiful! U did that yourself? i'm sure your friend is gonna love it ;)

Shirlyn said...

yes i just did it last nite last minute. cos she is leaving on sat n tonite not free mar. hehe she likes black so i do something black lor :) u like? will do something for u next time ;)

Judy Chow said...

ohh...she left for work..doesn't know she is a airstewardess roo..thanks for update about this friend of mine..