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Friday, September 15, 2006

TF Hartamas 3rd Quarter Launch

Had a great night and it was fun! fun! fun! All so hyper and supportive and the launch team were so great! It was a wonderful launch and the members were enjoyed including me. I joined BJam and BCombat...totally flat and all wet after these 2 classes...first time leh...my whole pant wet... both release really high intensity and exhausted...but I like!
TF Launch
BJam Launch Team: Jason, Leo, Tina, Ken
BStep Launch Team: Barney, Janet, Roland

TF Launch
Jammers: Su Lin, Raymond, Cecilia, Colin, Stephanie, Caroline, John (small), Kenneth, Prudent, Sharon, Shirlyn and many more...

Can see all the faces so happy right? Good job everyone! Another launch to go :p tapi kali ni apa theme apa color?


osmansany said...

shirlyn ah.... can email me the pics u took in true taipan? the ones wif me... and a couple of the nice ones.... preferably.. in 800pixels width. TQ. Send it to my yahoo account. TQ again. :D