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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Oh My...It's Again!

Now I'm at home blogging restless...I'm actually feeling nausea now and feel like vomitting...dizziness whatever struck me :( I need a rest!

Yesterday was a non-stop night for me which shaped today me...First, planned to go home take a nap after work then go to Kak Nita's party but received a call asked for Cardio Wave replacement...okie...here gone my sleeping time. Yes I did the replacement at 8pm. Last minute gotta make myself an audio cd whatever I can find from my mp3s collections. I'm survived from the class...although I thought I'll be deadly tired from previous night...

OK then go for a quick dinner at pasar malam in sri petaling with a friend...bought some cds for wave class. At last I ate what I'm craved for these few days and I'm full! hohoho satisfied. Then rush home to shower and prepared myself to Thai Club. Yes...no rest at all and where comes my energy? I donno also....I was late but there are more later than me :D lucky the traffic smooth.... thank god.

It was a huge group last night...a lot of them seen from gym but donno well. We were busy taking photos, cake cutting, chit chatting. Later the hyper plus the birthday gal...all jammers what...so must go dancing dancing...I didn't join because I've got to go another place meet up my friends. So I just stay for a while by sitting outside Thai club with cutie twins Kel & Mel, alex blonde n rizal...chatted with them for some time before I leave. Great to know more about them. Looking forward for the photos and surely will show it here once I got it.

By the time left Thai club is about 1ish am...yes it's already late but yet to go another place meet up friend at Cynna Bar, which initial plan but later the moved to Mansion... both places never been to and I'm so outdated...nvm...not too interested hehe. Mansion..new pub with tranz music..not my type. Thanks to my buddy introduced few new friends ;) Drank a cup of stout and all the way whisky bottoms up few times... started drunk but still sober to know what I'm doing. Till the bar closing then only we leave. Honestly I'm really drunk but still managed to send a friend home and myself home safely. Not sure how I managed it and I just know that I'm telling myself hang on there till I got home. Till home then straight go on bed...but unable to sleep with all the dizziness and I had a long throw out. After that more comfortable to get myself a sleep...

Woke up clean up myself, do some chores, cook lunch and watching tv with lying down now. However I'm still not fine...Suppose plan to go practice BJam for Monday tuition but still not sure I can do it or not...Just try to rest more now and if feeling better then only decide. It's raining outside...really don't feel like going out...

It's enough for past 2 days been nuts like that...can't afford to have these again in short while :p tiring leh...and affected what I suppose need to do...that's not my life anymore.


John said...

Halo Shirlyn,thanks for ur greedin and viewing my blog haha :P
ya we dunno each other but I do hear ur name b4 haha :P .. yeah so happy can join u guys in this big jam family,my pleausre haha :P hope we hav a great fun soon ya hehe,see u on monday tuition ya :P p/s :I went to Kak Nita's birthday dinner in Strawberry but din see u hehe :P

Shirlyn said...

We were late to Kak Nita's birthday @ strawberry because we had tuition mar...u left early is it? nway c u guys tonite!