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Thursday, September 21, 2006

TF Launch @ Taipan

Last Saturday spent whole day at TF Taipan for the launch marathon. First I joined Body Combat at 11:15am. Was out on Friday night till late and don't wish to get up early but force myself! I wanna join more combat...like the new release and I wanna more cardio. Then thought of join BAttack but hoh after makan feel lazy n don't wanna jump jump with full stomach. Sowie to si fu n si mou promised to join tim...kekekeke. End up went to Summit shopping...for the BJam top ler...but can't get one. Just got a cardigan and with the baju I brought. Someone commented nice...then ok lar...accept it. hehe. Before BJam starts we go yum char at nearby mamak...hehe...nice sessions although rain cats and dogs...I like the feeling....We are so excited to wait for the class starts...all dressed nicely...many members...instructor are hawks! Had a great fun, day with everyone....glad that I'm in it to share the great moments....muaks to everyone! kekeke
TF Launch Taipan
At last the launch is over and relief to some launch teams....you guys did a great job!