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Friday, September 08, 2006

Hang Over

I've failed to rest last night! And now having hang over problem...my head so heavy and dizzy now :( What did I do last night? ok...after work drive to University LRT station fetch Fanny then head to Cafe Flame for dinner. Alex, Fanny's friend which I met once before however can't remember him much...sorry....join us later. We continue our drinking at the bar after dine. Me and Fanny so excited...it's been long time no see her and hang out with her to these places which we used to hang out together a lot especially Cafe Flame...She said that whenever talk about Cafe Flame sure will think about me... true also...I used to hang out there almost every night few years back :p We were like small kids acted so happily...cos long time didn't come out drink at our old place....

It suppose just happy hour and I plan to go home earlier...tapi...drink ar drink until 12is...duh.. I had about 3 stout and 2 cups of whisky...that's it...too much for me already. After 1 stout I've already started pening and little high...fyi...I can't drink anymore now after stopped drinking for long. We laughed a lot...enjoyed the night with drinking and dancing :p and of course checking out guys as well as guys checking us hehehe.

Well well had a great night but gotta suffering now...I think can do this once in a blue moon can la...too often I'll hang myself up high already hehe. However...tonight another clubbing night again :p will go to Thai bar for Kak Nita birthday celebration with the gang...looking forward to have gathering with the group *wish all will join*...well well...another late night sleep again *wink wink*...This whole week been sleeping around 1-2am and so not me! Lucky tomorrow not working :D

Still high now...see stars around my head not? haha